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Peter Plaut is a leader in the financial industry. He currently works at Wimmer Family Office in London as an Executive Director. Peter utilizes his extensive knowledge of real estate investments and portfolio management in this role. Peter Plaut has worked in various areas of finance for more than 20 years. Visit his website to learn more about Peter!

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What is motivation? In terms of definition, motivation is the act or an instance of motivating, or providing with a reason to act in a certain way, the strong reason to act on something. When you are set to accomplish something motivation plays a key role. What motivates you? Is it the end goal thatContinue reading “Motivation”

GRI Club Iberia eSummit – Week of June 2nd

I had the pleasure to moderate a GRIClub e-meeting on the post COVID-19  impact on Spain and Portugal’s real estate market:  Iberia – Mapping COVID-19 Recovery, Growth and Inbound Investment Appetite. The e-meeting had over 80 participants including  C-suite real estate executives and asset managers. My co-chairs included Brian Betel, Activium, Mark Tsocanos, Baupost Group,Continue reading “GRI Club Iberia eSummit – Week of June 2nd”

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